My Vegan Travels Launch Party

It's been a very busy but super exciting few months. As well as zipping around the country teaching at some fabulous cookery schools, I've been working with some very interesting restauranteurs who will soon be delivering a rather groundbreaking plantbased menu in London around Spring 2018. Our dish development has been ongoing for over a year now, but it looks like they have finally secured some premises. Fingers crossed, we will see this next level delicious plantbased menu being served next year!

I've also been quiet on the blogging and recipe writing front here on my website, mainly because I've been so busy, but also because in truth it's been a funny old year. What with selling Barbarella and trying to get back to former fitness after back surgery, there's been a major period of adjustment. I'm pleased to say I'm now at the point of considering returning to my kickboxing classes, so I know I'm getting pretty close now. And I have no excuse for not being back at my desk on a more regular basis! Hopefully I will get some new tasty little recipes onto the website soon.

Not that there is any shortage of recipes from me right now as my second book, My Vegan Travels is out now and available in all good bookshops and online. I’ve been incredibly lucky to explore and sample so many vegan and vegetarian dishes throughout my travels, and this has given me inspiration to develop lots of other recipes, not just from the exotic street corners of Asia, but from my own childhood and more recent travel adventures with my now teenage children. This book brings together all my favourite crowdpleasing comfort recipes inspired by my global adventures, to create plantbased comfort food for everyone!

My book launch party took place at Chapter One Bookshop last week, in Manchester's Northern Quarter. Guests were greeted with tropical cocktails and delicious canapes, inspired by recipes from the book. The fantastic photos below were taken by photographer Paul 'Wolfgang' Webster. A great snapshot from a truly wonderful evening. Thanks to everyone who came and helped make it such a fab night. XXX


  • Posted on November 15 2017

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