Indian Street Food - Ode to the Samosa

Our adventures in Northern India began after we rapidly abandoned a rain-swamped Delhi and took the quick flight hop to Leh, capital of the astounding Himalayan region of Ladakh. After several glorious weeks trekking, we took the overland route back ...

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  • Posted on July 11 2015

Fabulous food in northwest Thailand, Oh Mae Oh Mae Oh Mae!

One of my favourite food journeys in Thailand started in the fantastically friendly and colourful border town, Mae Sot. The road from here broadly follows the Burmese border north onto Mae Sariang and then Mae Hong Son. We finally rested ...

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  • Posted on March 26 2015

Eating our way around Georgetown, Penang Island

The island of Penang was the first place I ever visited in SE Asia. In the early nineties, Lee and I nabbed some cheap flights to Bangkok, hoofed our way from the airport across the city to Hualalumpong station and ...

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  • Posted on February 25 2015

Cambodia: Horrible histories, beautiful temples & elusive dolphins

It’s difficult not to fall in love with Cambodia. We spent our days exploring atmospheric, jungle-encased temples, making friends with warm and welcoming locals, searching for elusive dolphins and sampling delicious and fragrant food. My favourite town was ...

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  • Posted on February 06 2015

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