Bye Bye Barbarella!

It's with a very sad heart that the time has come to say goodbye to my beautiful street food kitchen a.k.a. Barbarella. She was named accidently by my old line manager at NICE, who found himself reminded of the Jane Fonda epic about a female metal-clad mercenary fearlessly roaming the universe. I thought it was rather fitting at the time. I have travelled many miles around the UK and served thousands of people over the years, and it's been equally epic. Unfortunately my back can no longer keep up with the physical demands of event catering on a large scale or indeed a commercial kitchen, and at my age I need to be realistic about my future health. Things may change again, but for now my focus is on writing and teaching. Change is a good thing and I embrace it. But I have grown incredibly fond of my mobile kitchen and the foodie love we have created on people's happiest days. So in honour of all those lovely guests and diners we have served over the years, I'm posting a collection of some of my favourite photos. Hope you enjoy!




  • Posted on January 03 2017

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