Vermilion Pop Up

Some of you may have seen I’m cooking at Vermilion in June as part of their Guestraunt series involving street food chefs from around Manchester. I’ve decided to really push myself with my menu, to give myself a proper challenge. It’s MasterChef finals time and a good reminder to me what I’m capable of as a chef.

Sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of how much I enjoy the creativity and challenge of fine dining, and how my love of street food can inspire my dishes. This was always my MC calling card; street food inspired dining. Don’t get me wrong, I love the camaraderie of street food events (when they’re good – not the proliferation of mediocrity that is spawning at an uncontrollable rate) and of course, my beloved Barbarella.

But Vermilion has given me the opportunity to cook in their fantastic kitchen and serve my food in their stunning restaurant. Boy, am I going to make the most of it. It’s like chef porn in that kitchen. I want to lie in the fridges and coddle the stoves. The joy of space and equipment for an enthusiastic chef holds no bounds. So I’ve raised my own bar and plan to serve the kind of menu that makes a diner feel like they’ve been given a big kiss of Asian fusion delights. Inspired as always of course, by my propensity for street food snacking and travel adventures.  


The Hungry Gecko’s Dining Menu @ Vermilion 

Weds 10th June


Amuse Bouche

Nasi Lemak


Trio of Indian street food inspired appetisers

Channa Chaat / Beetroot & Watercress Samosa / Aloo Baingan Paratha


Khmer Croquettes with pickled Kampot pepper salad

Spring vegetable panko croquettes with fragrant Cambodian spices,

served with vegetable ribbon salad & chilli jam 


Cumin & ginger slow roasted lamb shank


Bombay style okra fries (Vg)

Served with saffron and chilli risotto, tamarind glaze

minted goats curd & burnt lime


Pistachio sponge with yuzu & orange mousse

Served with candied pistachios & orange blossom caramel



***Please advise of any dietary requirements such as vegan, vegetarian or gluten free, 

at least 24 hours PRIOR to the event***


Tickets £35 five courses, non vegetarian / £30 five courses, vegetarian

To book, please contact Vermilion Restaurant & Cinnabar tel 0161 202 0055 or email 


Menu may be subject to change, due to availability of produce

  • Posted on April 15 2015

  • Events

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