Wedding bells, festival fields & a pop up!

It's been a tough time of late juggling all my (no pun intended) plates right now. Festival season is well underway and so is wedding season. Trying to balance all this with launching my sauces at Foodies Festival at the end of June. And finishing off the last bits and pieces for my new book. EEk!

The weddings have been great. We had a very special time in North Yorkshire. Thought it warranted posting a few great photos from Lee. Meanwhile, I got fist-bumped for my samosa chaat by an Indian guest and had Yorkshire farmers coming back for seconds. Happy days :0)

Barbarella & Yorkshire sunset

Fist-bumpingly good samosa chaat!


Then to end a very busy ten day stint, I had my pop-up night at Vermilion restaurant in Manchester. I was exceptionally lucky to have Debbie Halls-Evans alongside me, as she is very gifted at plating up and our collaborative efforts were definitely a case of 'the whole is more than the sum of the parts'. We both thrive in each other's company especially when we cook together, and if we were twenty years younger we'd probably open a restaurant. But we're not, so I spent the next few days recovering and trying to heal my poor weary body with some yoga and leftovers! You can find the recipe for my Khmer croquettes here. The photos below are all courtesy of Debbie.

Nasi Lemak                                                                     Trio of Indian Street Food


Khmer croquettes with Kampot pepper pickled veg & maple chilli sambal


Bombay okra fries & saffron chilli risotto with minted goats curd & tamarind

Pistachio sponge, pistachio brittle, yuzu mousse & orange blossom caramel


  • Posted on June 13 2015

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